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PB-4 Voltage Type Pro-Balun 4:1 Matching Ratio Covers 3 Mhz - 35 Mhz Heavy Duty 1500 Watts Rated

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The PB-4 is a voltage type balun and is rated at 1500 watts. It is popular for matching 450 ohm "Ladderline" to coax cable. Works great with our model AS-2 All Band Antenna. Reduces coax & harmonic radiation that can cause interference to yourself and your neighbors. The balun lets your antenna radiate instead of the feedline. Lightweight and sealed to keep out moisture. Deluxe connectors require NO soldering and NO jumper wires. Equipped with S0-239 receptacle, that accepts the standard PL-259 connector. Stainless Steel eye-hook for easy mounting.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review